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caveman_guildford_museum_felinebird_1_.jpg It may be affirmed that history of enterprise making
 production started before one million years ago...
   Namely then in evolution of mankind hapened main point break - a man learned to rule fire and use smoke. At first fire
was source of warmth. Warming himself near by fire human noticed, that its safe here - wild animals were scared of 
fire and smoke. There must be not difficult for human, sitting in calm condition near by bonfire, to learn bake meat. After 
taking a teasty meat and relaxing , accidentally ( like it hapens with all discoverys ) he succeeded in finding that meat 
can be smoked. However this discovery wasnt important then, becouse human of these old times werent an expert of taste..
 But when the ice age came, smoked meat saved evolution of mankind. Ice ages came and left, but smoke traditions 
survived. In every continent, depending on circumstances, flourish and nations culture, formed distinctive traditions of
meat smoking - every kind of tree has its original smell of smoke. In lands of America diffused meat and fish smoking
with hikorija, pekan, maple, cherry-tree and apple-tree. However in lands of Europe mostly smokes with alder-tree, oak, 
blunt or acacia.
 In spirit of European traditions formed "Rukatonas" LTD . Since 1992 this organization produce chips (shavings) to smoke meat
and bloat fish, thats why tastefulnes of smoked product is generally available. Everyone can be an connoisseur of taste
though for one evening if he wants.

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